18 January 2020
My brand new website

Hello, and welcome to my brand new website.

A lot of what is on here will be remarkably familiar if you've been following my antics on the St Mary's Plumtree church website (www.plumtree.church).

What's happened is that "they" got annoyed 'cos all the pictures on the church website were of ME (and why not?!) and said that if I wanted so many I'd have to get my own site - and here it is. I hope you like it.

There are a few new bits and bobs; the main one is that you can write directly to me using the Contact Me page. Isn't that neat! Another new thing is this News page where I'll let you know what I've been doing and the new places I've visited so that you can look at the pages to see the photos.

I've had a lot of fun with the colours too - the browny colour is based on the lovely golden shade of my splendid fur and the dark green of the headings is based on my (slightly grubby) green T-shirt. (I was going to base it on my white T-shirt, but Auntie Fiona pointed out that you wouldn't be able to see it on the white background, which would be silly!)

And I've also added some new pages so you can learn even more about me, 'specially How it all started... and My Wardrobe

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